A melancholic heart, a wandering mind and a curious soul.

To The Last Millimetre

the dreamers

It burned slowly

Crackling in each ear

And crawling in each eye

I stared at the the travelling grey

At those stretched clouds

My senses following and wondered


The white wand walked to your lips


Your lips were always in charge

Pulling with no physical force

A rope that pulled from the sky

A force that climbed from the core

Cushioned on the pink pillows

I sat in awe and wondered


Ready for your magic

You inhaled and exhaled its burning particles

Never have I seen such a beautiful arson attack

You request of a fire

Wanting to comply

It burnt to it last millimetre

I now lay

still wondering


Snake Charmer


A face covered in cloth
Patiently sat
Cocooned in its stitched womb
Are you honestly residing in that motherly tomb?

Untie your rose thorn pin
Unwrap your cotton skin
Until you are everything
But a beautiful nothing

Let your eyes confide in the blackness of the sky
Let your lips collide with the earth and I.

Dirt Pretty

I want you here in all blood and dirt

I will unwrap my dirt starting with the shirt

I will hold your face like a moon in the unforgiving night

You will gasp as my hand grips you an all forgiving tight

You will look at the clock as the hand strikes midnight

I will smile at you and the amusing dirt foresight


Fall Into My Hair

fiit White flavourless sorbet

Cold to the touch, soft to my lips

Consumption of the flavourless bitch

Light the black candle and mumble your witchery

For you are nothing but curvaceous trickery

I will mould you into a sphere of the Antarctic

For you are nothing but a mind of the cathartic

Moulds of trickery and witchery

Folds of witchery and trickery

An asylum within your pair

Together they are Sid and Nancy

Entangled within lust and conspiracy

Once a scenic sculpture of the senses

Twice a vacant sorbet of expenses

Moulds of trickery and witchery

Folds of witchery and trickery

I flatten you with my sole

And leave my boot imprint

A reminder of my path

And my immutable misprint

Fall into my head

Fall into my hair

White and beautiful

The unfortunate pair.

Hidden Treason

There it lay at the bottom of her head

Here it will stay in the forever mourning red

An orchestra of an infinite spectrum of colour

Dancing without purpose and kneeling with power

She the spectrum toyed with reason

Smiling from the wrong side

There fell out the hidden treason


Bloomsbury Bee; Virginia

She lands on a letter dated the twenty second of the first month

the birth date of the writer, which writer, me, or her

scribbled on the right of the page, a postal divination

sent with dead skin and trees

on a small letter from her, the helpless creature one

a letter before the death of the patriarchy

a home

that’s hers as much as the balding

her bricks and water dissolve

but there’s always Helpless Creature

Incarnation, deformation of the bones of Bloomsbury


She likes you, she walks across the spine

of your book, stroking her antenna between the words

Your words, her nectar, or an old memory of Bloomsbury


She treks the peaks of the individual letters

Reaches the mountain top and does it all again,

she has landed on something familiar, something

a home

shared between the species,

holding hands with the ages

Something that spins in the background,

falling through our fingers


That we feel only when we’re half asleep,

half awake

Spinning with our fingers reached out

It’s as if it doesn’t matter that she isn’t a bee at all

A wasp tip toes on your prose, Helpless Creature.

A betrayal of a poem and

the ‘female of the species

is deadlier than the male.’



She remains in the tiniest cracks of the tattered floor

We step on her everyday just for a delightful replay

Stilettos are the perfect sound for such an endeavour

Chop chop clap clap come here darling

Sit on my lap

Wait, you can’t for you are beneath us

Maybe, another time honey

You can sit there and count your money

One, two, three, you are coming for you

Four, five, six, please wait your turn

The queue is long, please be patient and learn

We Are Electric in Lust

the tiny army of hairs rise up

with the surge of the otherworld

and purge of the tangible

this is electric, this is heroin, and this is cocaine

it is the fire when you add propane

we will both forget the grass and the soil

we say hi to Jesus and Mohammad

the mythical pair of recoil

for nor can they face the grass and soil

the tangible

the real

and us before the electric



They are my complex one person

little cat with brown and green eyes and big ears

you are scattered

at two points on the atlas purring for me



lay and bask in the separate equators

they are mine and mine only

for I am the only heart that has felt

the two and their separated times


they, my complex one person

she is not one

and they are not two

they will never meet but I know of them

the conjoined two

how wonderful, to know such a weld

weld that is mine only


they, my complex one person

they see in the way I see two

I see your otherness little cats

little cat plural

this sight is lonely for it is a show

a show for one

we sit down in the solo seat and see

what we see is only for us

we want cats more than otherness

more than a complexity

we want to share all what is to see

but the seats in the theatre are empty




Is That All

high on the helicopter we go

but a bicycle

is what our eyes will distort

peddle peddle on the loud hybrid machine


hold on for your heart beat

letting go will guarantee a defeat

rise rise above the clouds

and there you will see cows

laying upon the sycamore trees

and when we descend to the ground

we will not be granted entry

to the pretty party you see

for we will not dress in fancy dress

lets go to the supermarket and hug


lets be so nice and warm and hear you say

is that all

maybe I have to climb the highest wall

yet not reside at the top

but glued to its greatness in a act

of we are tall

but very much that is all

I always see that blue spark

that runs from your head to your toes

but you still run to sea from the lions

and swim back

I am there too

in the fear of the angry sea gorillas

all in fancy dress and hairspray





Dog Soul

In two they come

in a pair in all forms

some blue some brown

some gold

They flicker and glitter

in the moment of the grass

and in every breath of the wind

The two spheres of the heart

conjoined without part


When I see the two all I feel

is heart

in my mouth and my throat

it swells to a gigantic

lovely and pink the

expansive and warm the

from the to me

distance ceases to form

and the gaps in between close

for it is always us



As the moon fills

and your lungs empty

and the sparkle leaves

the rounds of the two gold

remember the in moments

ones that have no behind

nor infront

gather moments in through

your two rounds

the grass at your paws

and the sun on your face

take them with you to the heart

remember they coexist

next to one another

just like the dirt and the thin the spaces

no one can see

just like when I can no longer

see you through my two rounds

but feel you from my

rounds to my heart

to my soul.


Relic of the Senses

velvet ruffles and its silent sound

its loud but I can not hear anything


why is it I can feel you

all of you

as if it isn’t you

are you a red panda?

or even a racoon?

it is like you are all

the dandelions

and the oak tree

a concentrated earth potion

a fragrance


I am a beast in your air

I am an ape away

I hop and I run and there it stays

within my cruel nose hair

the sweat of you

the hair


2016 me does not know

does not caress the human racoon

and can only smell with you, me

and the friendly table


there it is

the relic of the senses

the Tutankhamun teasing me

with notes of you

ancient sweetness I smell you

I remember you


Do you remember me?



She is that Nice Lady’s Lips

It surrounds that nice lady

cornering her into that white room

the window sill plants lining up

ready for the show of the two lips

one whispers

isn’t that her

parallel red lines begin to climb

curving around the white moon

and revealing the sharp truth

and the disillusioned lie

asymmetrical red begins to show

the smallest plant coughs

that isn’t her

the imposter is still in the room

another plant shrieks

its in the way she looks at her

its in the way that she recognises

and simultaneously creates

she painted her into a beautiful

imposter covered in old red

and new white





Rings of Saturn

Inspiration. (however, only good song on the new album)

I Pluto and You Neptune

Simmering in the background Pluto resides

he is so far away and slow moving

with distance comes great vision

he sees Neptune in the way

she is in everything

spreading herself through the universe

in soft gentle blues and fairy dust

and he lacking colour and smiling in grey

she paints him

in a way that makes him come closer


orbiting her at a small distance

with specks of her colour on his hands

she sees him getting closer

yet not allowing himself to be

completely colour

he holds onto his Plutonian stone

for stone is what the translucent blue


take my stone dear Neptune

cement your broken cracks

and we can both be

specked in colour and stone